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Would you like to drill your own water well? Do you want to get off the grid, irrigate a garden, put water on a new piece of land? Get rid of high city water bills and restrictions? Then you've come to the right place!

With the Terragrinder drilling kit it's possible to drill wells down to 200 feet through rock and clay, even granite, without big rigs, specialized equipment, heavy lifting or backbreaking work — for less than $2,000. To learn how it works watch this short video!

We've been helping people like you drill their own water wells for 15 years with our revolutionary method of DIY well drilling! This proven method makes it possible for thousands of people who don't have water to drill their own wells easily and affordably! Because we don't simply teach you how to drill a well, we offer you a complete educational DVD set that instructs you in all aspects of well drilling!

The question you might ask is, will this drill a well for YOU? The answer is, most likely yes. We can drill through any type of soil, although naturally some types are easier than others. All the information you need is available on an easy-to-understand 2-DVD set. You don't need to have mechanical skill or work very hard — you just have to be able to watch and DVD and follow instructions! Y el DVD es disponible in Español!

For more information on how the Terragrinder drilling system works, read more at How It Works page