Drill A Well In Your Backyard - DELUXE Ready-To-Drill Kit!


This is our new Terragrinder deluxe ready-to-drill kit! It contains everything you need to buy from us to drill your well, and it is available now for only a fraction of the cost of other well drilling kits on the market!

The Terragrinder ready-to-drill kit contains the following items, which should be enough to drill up to 100' well in most areas:

*1 Terragrinder Tool
*1 Deluxe Rock/Clay/Sand drilling bit for 4" casing
*1 Make-your-own well screen tool

*1 Air filter/dehumidifier/lubricator (oiler)
*1 Quart food grade air tool oil

*1 Air-powered water pump (for cleaning out the well after drilling)
*1 Pint of drilling mud (unless the super-concentrated mud is purchased)
*Plans and DVD (unless already purchased)

*FREE GIFT while supplies last! Your choice of our hydroponic gardening DVDs. Just specify which you want in the comments section at checkout.

This kit is the fastest way to get started drilling your well!

*There are only a few things that we do not carry or that cannot be conveniently shipped that you will have to find locally to start drilling your well; 150' of 3/8" air hose, 160' of 1" PVC pipe, 100' of 4" PVC pipe, 4' of 6” thinwall (schedule 20) PVC pipe, an air compressor (if you don't already have one capable of delivering at least 25 CFM@90 PSI, we suggest renting one), a few scraps of 2” and 1” pipe and a few small odds and ends which you may already own such as duct tape, and that's it!

If you've always wanted your very own well, we believe this is the cheapest, easiest, and best way you can get it. If you have any questions about the items included in this kit, feel free to visit our FAQs and Contact Us page

Oh, and this amazing water well drilling kit comes with absolutely FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S.!

(For an additional fee, we will ship anywhere in the world by DHL. You can choose this at checkout.)

Drill A Well In Your Backyard - DELUXE Ready-To-Drill Kit!