How the Terragrinder Drilling System Works

The first thing you have to learn is how a well works. A well is simply a fancy name for a hole in the ground, one that reaches deep enough to find the underground water present eveywhere in the world. EVERYWHERE in the world — even in the Sahara desert or the Rocky Mountains — there is water present under the soil, just waiting to be pumped out! And in the vast, vast majority of locations water is found at less than 50' (15 meters) underground! So it's not as hard as you might think. I've never had a customer who didn't find water at less than 100'!

All you have to do is dig a hole deep enough that the water already present in the soil will start to flow into the well, all on it's own. The water will still be dozens of feet in the ground but now you can get to it!

To keep the hole from falling in on itself over time, you will lower casing into the hole — usually 4" PVC pipe, although we can also drill a hole for 6" casing. The lower part of the casing will have hundreds of tiny slits in the pipe, so that water can seep into the pipe from the ground. To get the water out, you just have to lower a pump into the well and turn it on and water will start flowing from your well!

Well drillers will charge you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for a well you CAN drill yourself! This proven method of drilling water wells has empowered hundreds of people around the world to drill their own wells. Why not join them? Watch the video on the left to learn more!

There are a lot of ways to drill your own well. Most easy and cheap methods out there, like “jetting” a well, are limited to 30-40', and can't drill rock or even clay. What makes this water well drilling system unique is that it is easy, cheap, and actually works!

This well drilling rig is unlike any you've ever seen before; in fact, in most ways Terragrinder is the opposite of traditional well drilling. It doesn't involve derricks and trucks, it doesn't involve heavy steel pipe. Yet it is powerful enough to drill deep wells!

I've drilled to 210' deep, and I drilled through rock and clay to get there! Other methods that could achieve a well like that would cost a minimum of $4,000, and be much more labor intensive!

Where big rigs rely on heavy torque and low speed, we rely on high speed and low torque. This gives us the fastest drilling speed of any home system in soft soils, with speeds of up to 30 feet per hour in sand! We can also drill clay and hard rock, even granite — but naturally those drill much slower.

The Terragrinder is extremely affordable and very easy-to-use compared to every other home well drilling system on the market. It's also super-portable weighing only 7 pounds, so it can reach areas that conventional well drilling rigs simply cannot go!

There are just two things you need to know; first, the Terragrinder is powered by air, so it needs a large air compressor as a power source (25CFM @ 90 PSI, or 500 LPM @ 6 BAR). If you don't already have one, these can be rented pretty much anywhere in the world.

Second, while we can drill rock, it’s slow. So if you’re expecting to have to drill through lots of boulders and into the side of a mountain, you probably won’t be successful with the Terragrinder. You’d be better off hiring a professional, or getting one of the more expensive high-torque, low speed derrick rigs. I’d rather not sell you something you’ll be unhappy with.

So if those aren’t deal-breakers for you, start by buying and watching our detailed and carefully explained Well Drilling Instructional Course DVDs. They contain everything you'll need to know to drill a successful well, from where to drill to how to grout and case your well to comply with local codes.

After that, you will understand exactly what you need to do to prepare for your well, and you'll know exactly what you'll need to buy. And when you're ready to buy a kit, the price of the DVDs is FULLY REFUNDABLE towards the purchase of our kit! (less S+H).

And the DVD is not just an infomercial for the drill. If you want to save more money, you can make the entire kit yourself using the information contained in the DVD course. But the fastest and best way is to buy the Deluxe Terragrinder Package, which includes most of the specialized parts and items you'll need!

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