Delivery Information

Our domestic orders ship three ways; to take them one at a time:

Plans/DVDs we ship First Class mail through the USPS. Shipping/handling is $4.95 unless you buy more than $100 worth of items, in which case shipping is free.

Kits usually ship via UPS ground, and like all orders over $100 they ship with free shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Kits shipped to Texas will often ship by USPS ground, since it's usually cheaper for same-state orders.

Shipping is typically 99.95 to Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, etc, but we reserve the right to adjust this after the order if our shipping cost significantly exceeds that. If there is a surcharge we'll contact you after checkout with your options.

If for some reason you CANNOT receive UPS orders at your address, please let us know. If we have to ship USPS, there may be a surcharge as it typically costs us more than double to ship via the post office.

Smaller Orders
Orders that are larger than plans but smaller than kits will usually ship Priority Mail if they'll fit in the envelope or boxes, or UPS Ground if they won't. Shipping cost on items that are less than $100 (but not plans) cost a flat rate of $14.95 to ship.

We gladly ship anywhere in the world; for plans/DVD sets the cost is $19.95. Plans ship USPS First Class International, which "officially" is 6-10 days. To first world countries it usually is. To second/third world countries it averages closer to 3 weeks, up to 6 weeks. Most of the delay is usually due to customs and their local mail system.

We ship kits via DHL, which is safe and fast anywhere in the world. The shipping cost is $199.95 in most countries and $449.95 in Africa. These prices are subject to verification after checkout. Buying additional items such as oil, mud, etc, will cost somewhat more. Generally shipping surcharges cost me about $15/pound ($35/kilo), which is what I will pass on to you.

If your purchase will involve a shipping surcharge we will contact you once we receive your order to explain the difference and provide a bill if appropriate, or cancel your order if you'd prefer. We list the actual cost of the item on the customs form, we cannot check "gift" or "sample". We do not list shipping costs, and on items with free shipping we deduct the shipping cost from the stated value, to save you as much local duties as possible. However, you are responsible for all necessary customs, duties, import fees, that your government may impose.

Updated on Mar 6, 2023