Steve From Abaco in the Bahamas

After the well was finished, Steve sent me an Email with a few comments about his experience:

"Hello, just thought you might like to know that I got a 25ft well drilled through variuous coral in Abaco the Bahamas. Have some pics etc if you would like them. Took approximately 8hrs to drill & is now running a 60g/hr Aqua Whisper R/O unit.

Here are pics of drilling, drill, pump box/booster pump which pushes filtered sea water 130ft up hill to the RO system modular on the wall.

I used a 17cfm @ 120psi compressor however it had only just enough pressure as the air system was some 130ft away & it lost a little pressure I believe due to distance.

We went through many stratas of coral/holes etc. Please feel free to use pics hope they help you with some sales & marketing."

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