Adam from Texas

"Success!!!! ... the well project went EXACTLY as describe in your tutorial!! Very rarely does something go that right for me the first time on a project like this. Now I did have some things go awry that could of saved me more money. I went with 1/2" air hose when I could of gotten away with the 3/8". I planned on going 100' but ended up only going 55'. That means I didn't need so much casing, glue, pipe, and others ... We got to 65' but cave ins would not stop so I concluded I reached water.

[After using the well for months], everything is absolutely perfect! ... Final depth is 52'. Water table is at 33', well screening is 20' which leaves me 19' of water. I don't know how much that is at the moment but is PLENTY for me and my family. I fill my holding tank of 250 gallons about every 5 days or so, more often if I do a lot of laundry. Here are some videos. I don't think they are of any quality that you would want for it shows the desperate cry for newer technology.

Drilling this well was a feat that made me water wise. No longer do I take water for granted. I have actually become a water miser!! Before I do dishes or shower I collect water until it gets hot so it doesn't go down the drain. I then use it to flush the toilet. I know it might seem excessive but I save over two gallons a day that would normally be wasted. Now if I could get my wife and kid to do the same.....Lol!!! Again I would like to appreciate all your help, you were always there when I had questions and your encouragement helped me to succeed!!

In conclusion we are SO thankful for your awesome kit and expertise!!! You are truly our hero. The only other alternative would be to use our paid for land as collateral on a loan. You saved us over 8000 dollars! I think we paid 2500 total. Every body said to me "never heard of anyone drilling their own well" It was worth showing them wrong!!!!! Thanks!!"

[comment has been abridged and lightly edited for clarity]

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