Mark from Washington

Mark used our method of DIY well drilling to bore a well through the most difficult soil there is - large gravel and boulders. This video which he kindly made to help other well-drillers see how he did it, demonstrates how he was able to use the drill to loosen the stones, then remove them using suction and a very clever net device! His comments below the photos.

"My latest adventure may interest you. I pumped my well dry (22 feet, which takes about 45 minutes to pump out) and was a bit distressed to see some very large rocks at the bottom. After several false starts, the way I have removed several of them was to rig up a 3/4" steel pipe, 25 feet long, and equip it with a net on a circular metal band. Just today i used this to pull a 10 pound stone out, along with several 3-4 pound stones. I've attached some pictures."

Stone Stone

[some time later] "Here are some videos I took of pumping the rocks out of the well. I am down to 31 feet now. Still getting a mix of sand, gravel and rocks. Some of the rocks are too large to come out with the pump so i fish them out with the net. Cheers, Mark"

[still later] "I've been making good progress (for me). Most days now I get a foot or more in 3-4 hours of effort. I'm still pulling up lot of rocks - big and small - but the going is somewhat easier. I am now down to 35'."

For perspective, even the biggest, most expensive professional rigs struggle to drill wells in this sort of soil and charge exorbitant rates for doing so. Mark has shown that with patience and creativity, it's possible to drill your own well just about anywhere!

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