Steve from South Carolina

I did a lot or research before I stumbled upon Drill a Well. It sound to good to be true. I found a used unit on eBay for $749.00 so I went to the source and got the kit cheaper. I used my 6 inch auger on my Earthquake to go the first 6 feet. I was in a foot of red South Carolina clay. I put a 6 inch PVC in the ground with a foot sticking out just to help hold water. I have a 25 hp 2 stage tuck mounted air compressor that I put a half inch air hose on and filled the oiler with the food based oil. with all things connected I started the drill. There was 6 feet of clay that I drilled through that day before I stopped after 8 sours. The next day I had a 12 foot hole with 6 feet of water. I went through pea gravel and sand then more clay and sand then pea gravel again. At 30 feet I had 27 feet of water. I cheated. I used my tractor to push the pipe the last foot in he cholesterols. I then too the drill off and used the unit to suck out the last little bit of s and in the well. The water cleared in about 4 hours. Oh yea I am blind.

Now I can water my yard without paying the city. Thanks

Satisfied user. Steve from South Carolina