Joseph from North Carolina

The drill worked amazing. We drilled a 50' well at my neighbor's house in about 16 hours and immediately installed the well casing, gravel pack and sealed the top of the bore hole with bentonite clay pellets. I rented a large generator for the drilling and borrowed a smaller one to pump/develop the well. The water table is at 9' so there is quite a bit of water available. I have another neighbor who tried to drill his own well with a water jet system - he could never get through the first 18" clay layer around 20' deep.Your drill punched straight through that. I may have to go over and give him hand :-)

Believe it or not, water in NC is extremely expensive - I had an $800 water bill one month. After I installed my own well and ran it to my irrigation system, hose lines, and installed an outdoor shower, we haven't had a water bill above $110. My neighbors are all putting in wells but are paying 8-10K each and have a 6 month waiting list. Even with renting a trailer mounted compressor, we can put a well in for around $1700. Your system is amazing - thanks again for all your help.

PS - the attached video is right after we started pumping well

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